Top Series to Beat the Heat: The Summer 2023 Streaming Guide from GoNetspeed

Hey, all you series lovers out there! Brace yourselves for a binge-worthy summer. This season, there’s an assortment of fantastic TV series lined up for you. We’re talking about everything from tech dystopias and historical dramas to Marvel superhero series and comedies that’ll tickle your funny bone. Some have already launched, and more are on the way!

But before we dive into the list of must-watch shows, let’s take a moment to celebrate the must-have internet that’s powering your summer streaming – crazy-fast, rock-solid fiber Internet! 

Why Choose Fiber Internet for Streaming

Crazy-fast Speeds:
There’s nothing more exciting than watching your favorite show in all its glory without worrying about buffering. GoNetspeed’s high-speed fiber Internet brings this dream to life. Unlike cable that relies on copper wiring, fiber-optic cables transmit data as light signals, making sure you get the fastest Internet speeds possible. GoNetspeed also offers symmetrical speeds which means you get the same fast service whether you’re uploading or downloading. 

Rock-solid Reliability:
Your favorite season finale is no time for your Internet to fail you. That’s where fiber’s reliability comes in. With GoNetspeed, you can trust your connection during those nail-biting moments.

Enhanced Security:
In this digital era, online security is a must. Fiber’s unique infrastructure makes it inherently more secure than cable. So go ahead and binge-watch with peace of mind, knowing your personal information and data are safe.

Future-Proof Tech:
We all love 4K, and there’s even 8K on the horizon! GoNetspeed’s fiber network will continue to deliver the speed and capacity you need to keep up with the latest trends in entertainment. 

Better Value:
With GoNetspeed, what you see is what you get – no hidden fees or surprise charges. Plus, our super-smart, super-friendly customer service team is always ready to help you make the switch to GoNetspeed.

Now, on to the shows that are going to make your summer epic!

Your Summer Streaming List

Our Planet II (Netflix, June 14)
Brace yourself for the scenic safari this season. You’ll meet animals that would give your house cat a run for her money, all from the most gorgeous corners of the globe. Get ready for armchair travels you didn’t know you needed!

Black Mirror (Netflix, June 15)
Craving a little bit of a spook, with a side of techno-dystopia? Don’t miss Black Mirror. Season 6 promises more chilling tales of tech-gone-wrong. This season’s lineup will make you re-evaluate every app update – it’s the perfect mix of thrilling and thought-provoking.

Outlander (Starz, June 17)
Time-travel back to ye olden days, right from your living room. Look no further than Outlander. Season 7 is coming with more kilts, adventure, and even a few menacing Brits. Can Claire and Jamie build their life in 18th-century Scotland? Stay tuned to find out!

Secret Invasion (Disney+, June 21)
Get ready for the ultimate Marvel thrill ride! Secret Invasion has got it all – Nick Fury, alien threats, and even a post-Avengers: Endgame plot. Be prepared for the Skrull drama to unfold!

The Witcher (Netflix, Volume 1, June 29/Volume 2, July 27)
Fantasy lovers, rejoice! The world of The Witcher is ready to sweep you off your feet again. Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer are back, and it’s Henry Cavill’s last go as Geralt before Liam Hemsworth steps into the role.

Full Circle (Max, July 13)
Catch this brand-new limited series packed with high stakes, unexpected twists, and a stellar cast. A kidnapping in the Big Apple goes sideways, uncovering a labyrinth of secrets linking a whole host of characters from diverse backgrounds. If you’re a sucker for a good crime drama, you’ll want to add this one to your must-watch list.

Good Omens (Prime Video, July 28)
How about a comedy version of the apocalypse with an angel and a demon? That’s Good Omens for you! Can Aziraphale and Crowley prevent the Four Horsemen from ringing the Doomsday bell? Fingers crossed!

Only Murders in the Building (Hulu, August 8)
The gang has got another murder to solve, and this time they’ve got an audience. Will detectives crack the case amidst the media mayhem? You’ll have to watch it to see!

Ted Lasso (Apple TV, available in full now)
Last but never least, we’ve got Ted Lasso. Tired of all the chatter on social, but you haven’t seen it yet? Join the millions of fans who have fallen in love with this award-winning, feel-good show about a soccer-ignorant American who’s coaching an English soccer team. Prepare to laugh, cry, and wish Ted was your life coach. This show is all heart.

So get ready to fill your summer with lots of laughter, thrills, drama, and maybe even a few tears (we’re looking at you, Ted Lasso). With GoNetspeed, you’re all set to dive into a world of streaming pleasure. So, who’s ready to join the fiber revolution and make their summer streaming unforgettable? 

If you don’t already have GoNetspeed, check availability in your area to get started today!