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Information at the speed of light

Because the email needs to go through. The call has to be clear. The video can’t stall. You need a strong connection. Fiber strong.

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GoNetspeed is now available in lots of communities up and down the East Coast. Find out if we’re available in yours.

Business services
to keep you connected

Data and Internet

High speed symmetrical download and upload speeds, ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps.

Custom Dedicated Internet Access.

Business Voice

Reliable, high-quality business communications services customized to meet all your calling needs.

Wide-Area Networking (WAN)

Seamlessly connect offices and improve operational efficiency. Secure communication to easily share large data files, voice, and multimedia across multi-site networks.

Why Fiber?

Symmetrical speeds

Fiber upload speeds match download speeds. That means things like uploading large files and holding video calls just got a whole lot easier.

No lag

Fiber sends data at the speed of light. Say good-bye to annoying lag times and death spirals.

Future-proof connectivity

Fiber is built to adapt to new technology,  devices and our ever-increasing demand. Whatever the future throws your way, you’re covered.


Fiber connection isn’t affected by moisture, temperature, age, or long distances. That’s reliability you can actually count on.

Because your business is never offline

Faster. Stronger. Fiber.

  • Customizable bandwidth up to 10,000 Mbps
  • No caps. No limits. No throttling.
  • 24/7 local and responsive tech support
  • Redundant core network maximizes availability
  • Upload speeds as fast as download speeds
Have questions?

We have answers.

What is Fiber Optics?

The future. Fiber optics uses long thin strands of super pure glass to carry information. Those strands are thinner than human hair and are bundled together to create optical cables that transmit information as light signals. You can see why we call it the future.

Why is fiber so much faster than other technologies?

Fiber carries data using pulses of light through glass fibers with very little resistance so it travels further and faster with more information than any other technology.  Other technologies rely on copper and electrical signals that travel slower and are limited by long distances due to resistance.

Why is fiber more reliable than cable?

Fiber uses pure glass strands (and a new network) that aren’t affected by any of the elements that can degrade a signal in other technologies. Other technologies use copper wires that are susceptible to weather, moisture, temperature, and in many cases share telephone lines that can hinder the signal. 

Why is fiber future proof?

Technology is always changing to meet our connectivity needs. Remember when dial-up was amazing? Fiber works at the speed of light, so it can handle speeds not even imagined yet. That means we’ll always have you covered—no matter what comes along.

Why GoNetspeed?

At GoNetspeed, we’ve been working on bringing the future to you for decades now. With a network up and down the East Coast, we’re here to keep you connected, give you the highest possible speed your area can support, and get you ready for whatever comes next.

GoNetspeed does not limit your internet speed based on what sites you visit, throttle your speeds or cap your usage. GoNetspeed provides internet service how it is meant to be — fast, reliable, affordable and free from constraints and privacy worries. 

GoNetspeed fiber internet allows for the best streaming, gaming, video chatting, telecommuting, business and healthcare services, educational learning and so much more. So go ahead and stream, play, work and learn without any buffering.

Can I get GoNetspeed service?

GoNetspeed is now available in many communities. But it takes time to build the future, so we might not be in your area—yet. Find out if we’re in your community.

What if you’re not in my area yet?

Check back with us often! We’re working hard to bring fiber to all communities. Make sure you sign-up for fiber and get your neighbors to sign-up as well. That lets us know your neighborhood is interested in using our fiber network. Residents and businesses that sign-up early will receive services first. 

Will GoNetspeed make sure my property is left as it was before construction started?

Absolutely. Our crews will do everything they can to minimize any impact to your property. We’ll even restore lawns, if necessary, in areas where construction occurred, once construction is complete and weather permits.

Will I be able to keep my same numbers and current directory listings if I switch to your business voice service?

Yes, when choosing GoNetspeed as your service provider, you will be able to keep your current numbers, and we will duplicate your current directory listings.

How do I read my invoice?

Ready to make fiber the backbone of your business?