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Powering Modern Communities to Become Gigabit Ready.

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About GoNetspeed

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GoNetspeed’s 100% fiber internet is available in 120+ communities throughout the Northeast

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9 States

120+ Communities

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Why Top Communities Choose Fiber Internet


Economic Development & Retention

GoNetspeed’s fiber network provides industries and consumers with best-in-class 100% fiber internet, boosting residential and business productivity while attracting and retaining residents and businesses. With GoNetspeed’s citywide infrastructure, your community will gain a fiber network that’s built to last by a reliable fiber internet with a history of providing reliable communications since 1920.

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Competition is good because it brings better service and prices to businesses and residents. By investing in communities where we see a need, we provide communities with a faster and significantly better internet option. We thrive by helping communities reach their full gigabit potential.  Residents and businesses benefit from increased service provider competition through better prices, speeds, and customer service.

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Online Development & Retention

GoNetspeed is a new choice for consumers who are looking for internet service that can stand the test of time while growing with their modern homes and businesses. Our speeds are symmetrical, meaning that customers can upload just as fast as they can download, limiting buffering. Symmetrical fiber internet creates a great, buffer-free internet experience whether working, learning, gaming, streaming, or video conferencing online. With faster speeds and more reliability from GoNetspeed, residents and businesses in your community gain an improved quality of online life.

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Community Investment

GoNetspeed is dedicated to investing in the communities it serves. By fully funding our fiber internet infrastructure builds, we are able to construct our network without the use of taxpayer dollars. We are proud to partner with communities throughout the Northeast to deliver our multi-gigabit speeds and service to underserved areas that lack provider choice. Our high-speed 100% fiber internet delivers consistent internet quality through strong, modern technology better equipping households and businesses for life in today’s fast-paced world.

Why Fiber?

Symmetrical speeds

Fiber upload speeds match download speeds. That means things like uploading large files and holding video calls just got a whole lot easier.

No lag

Fiber sends data at the speed of light. Say good-bye to annoying lag times and death spirals.

Future-proof connectivity

Fiber is built to adapt to new technology,  devices and our ever-increasing demand. Whatever the future throws your way, you’re covered.


Fiber connection isn’t affected by moisture, temperature, age, or long distances. That’s reliability you can actually count on.

GoNetspeed in the News

GoNetspeed targets fiber to 20 new towns in 2023

GoNetspeed added 390,000 fiber passings across its nine-footprint over the past two years. In 2023, build activity is focused on New England.

Join GoNetspeed’s Gigabit Ready Community Network

With extensive plans for expansion, GoNetspeed has plans to deploy service to more than 120+ communities within the next year. If you are a city leader and believe that your city is ready for GoNetspeed fiber, fill out the form below.