We just let the Internet off its leash.
Meet GiggE.

It’s fast. It’s hungry.

And, oh yeah, it bytes.
You’re going to love it.

Crazy fast internet service like you’ve never seen. At a value you won’t believe.

The future of connection is here, and it’s fiber. Made for how we live and work today, fiber is faster and stronger than anything out there.

GONETSPEED is teaming up with DIRECTV!

More Watching. Less Browsing.

Sign up today and receive the Gemini device at no extra cost.

DirecTV Gemini

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*Subject to availability. Introductory 12-month promotional price for new residential customers with electronic billing. After 12-month promotional period, price will increase by $10.00 to GoNetspeed’s standard pricing. Connection speeds delivered at the router. Wireless performance may vary depending upon the age and configuration of customer devices and distance from router. Non-GoNetspeed Wi-Fi routers are permitted but not supported. Applicable taxes and government surcharges not included. Not available in all locations.

Why Fiber?

Symmetrical Speeds

Fiber upload speeds match download speeds. That means things like uploading large files and holding video calls just got a whole lot better.

No Lag

Fiber sends data at the speed of light. Say good-bye to annoying lag times and death spirals.

Future-proof Connectivity

Fiber is built to adapt to new technology,  devices, and our ever-increasing demand. Whatever the future throws your way, fiber has you covered.


A fiber connection isn’t affected by moisture, temperature, age, or long distances. That’s reliability you can actually count on.

Made for families

For every episode. Every video call. Every minute of the game. Fiber makes the difference. Faster, stronger, better internet.

Put buffering
in the past.

Here 24/7.
Not that you’ll need us.

Future-proof your

Streamline connectivity between multiple sites.

Built for business

In business, everything begins with a strong connection. Because the email needs to go through. The call has to be clear. The video can’t stall.

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