The Top Three Things You Want From Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The giant cable companies that people traditionally used for their Internet service had a stranglehold on the market for a long time — and they know it. When you’re the only provider in town, there’s not much incentive to provide a great experience. From eight-hour service windows to indecipherable bills and contracts, “Big Internet” got away with subpar service because they didn’t think their customers could do anything about it.

But now that you have GoNetspeed in your corner — and the other guys have some competition — you’ve got options.   No matter who you choose to be your provider, we don’t think customers should be treated like just another set of numbers on a spreadsheet — they should be treated like valued members of the communities the provider serves. And it’s hard to do that when you’re just selling access to a legacy network that was already built.

But some providers are a part of the community, and they build networks where they are needed. They really are local providers. At GoNetspeed, we are proud to count ourselves among those providers, and we want to help more people choose better Internet service.

Here are three things that separate good providers from the pack of giant cable companies.

1. They offer technology and service that positively impacts you.

A good ISP builds and delivers the latest network technology. For us at GoNetspeed, that means high-speed fiber Internet. With data transferred along optic cables at the speed of light, fiber networks are state-of-the art — that means fast, stable, reliable and consistent Internet access. It also means no buffering, stuttering or slowdowns.

Fiber networks provide the highest possible speed areas can support so you can always keep up with what’s next.

A good ISP also does away with contracts, data caps, throttling and overages — they provide simple Internet service the way it is meant to be.

2. They offer transparency.

A good ISP is transparent, and that’s something we are particularly proud of at GoNetspeed.

One great example: we advertise our upload speeds. It may not seem like a big deal, but some of the bigger cable providers go to great lengths to advertise their download speeds and bury their upload speeds because of how low they are. If you want to learn more about symmetrical speeds, we’ve got a whole blog about it!

At GoNetspeed, we develop trust by doing what we say we will and admitting what we can’t. We just don’t see any other way of doing business.

3. They connect communities.

A good ISP lives, works and plays in the same communities as its customers — they are part of the neighborhoods they serve. Your ISP should strive to provide the best technology on the market today and do it in a customer-centric way.

When you call customer support, you should get to talk to an actual human – not get stuck going through layers of robots only to be put on hold or wait endlessly for a callback.

We know a lot of providers say they’re different, but, in our case, it’s true. Just go online and look at our reviews. They’re full of satisfied customers and people wanting to be customers.

We even launched a Brand Ambassador program recently that gives people the tools to promote GoNetspeed in their communities, and they do! Consumers are eager to move on from cable company customer service … and speeds … restrictive contracts … and doublespeak … and… and…

At GoNetspeed, we are redefining what an ISP can be. We are redefining what a great ISP is. We are delivering the highest level of connectivity possible, committing ourselves to excellent (people-powered) customer service and doing it all as transparently as we know how.

Check your address or get in touch with our super-friendly Customer Service team to get started today and see the different that the right provider makes.