Let's talk live TV options.

(And how to save $1,200/yr.*)

Your devotion to your favorite shows is a precious thing, whether that’s a reality series in its 17th season or the preseason games of a local sports team you’ve painted your face for. We get it. That’s why we’re here to make sure you can keep TV just like you have it with GoNetspeed's internet service plus some awesome cable-alternative TV options.

We did some math and if you cancel your cable and get our Standard plan ($50 a month flat) and subscribe to YouTube TV™ ($49.99 a month) to watch your shows and sports, you could save $1,200 a year.*

While we “just do internet,” this handy list below outlines your live TV options and more, from current providers to the accessories you'll need. Got questions? Click the chat icon or call us.

About that handy list we mentioned.

Our recommendations below include big names like Netflix and Hulu, but there’s a newer option we’re excited about too: YouTube TV™. For $49.99 a month, you can watch live TV from 70+ channels, including favorite shows, sports, and local news, plus you can DVR stuff. Click here to learn more and see what local networks you can get with YouTube TV™.

Here’s a sampling of the 70+ channels:

Food Network
Fox Sports
FOX News Channel
NBC Sports

You’ll need one of these gizmos (if your TV doesn’t stream on its own)

Amazon Fire Stick

Roku Streaming Stick

Google Chromecast

Apple TV

Roku Ultra

Chromecast Ultra

Where to stream TV shows, movies & sports

YouTube TV



Sling TV


Pretty cool tools to find your faves

Find Your Shows

Streaming TV Price Guide

If having a landline is your thing



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*Estimated cost savings based on average competitor pricing. Actual savings may vary by location. Assumes monthly YouTube TV subscription fee of $49.99 a month. YouTube TV-specific savings of up to $600/year calculated by annualizing mean reported monthly spending on pay-TV of $107 and subtracting the annualized $49.99 monthly base package costs of YouTube TV. Based on a study by the Leichtman Research Group, published Oct. 31, 2018. YouTube TV is a trademark of Google LLC.
**To use our Live-TV Concierge service, you need to have a GoNetspeed account and keep your GoNetspeed service for at least 3 months after installation. Any content provider subscription fees or additional equipment you choose to purchase are your responsibility. Any equipment not purchased by you (e.g., ONT modem) must be returned to us if you don’t keep your GoNetspeed service for at least 3 months.