GoNetspeed Begins Construction, Bringing Town of Seymour High-Speed Fiber Internet

Seymour, CT.— June 14, 2023— GoNetspeed today announced that construction has officially begun on the high-speed fiber infrastructure that will provide residents and businesses throughout Town of Seymour with access to fiber internet. Through GoNetspeed’s fully funded $4.1 million investment in Seymour, many residents and businesses will soon have the opportunity to experience fast, reliable internet and voice service for their home or business, free of taxpayer dollars.

As construction expands throughout the area, the first customers will be eligible for service installation as early as late summer of 2023. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of fall of 2023 when more than 6,000 homes and businesses throughout Seymour will have the opportunity to experience GoNetspeed’s symmetrical fiber internet speeds that allow customers to upload just as fast as they download. Residents and businesses interested may visit gonetspeed.com to sign up for priority installation once service is available in their area.

“Digital connectivity is the key to success for businesses and families today. At GoNetspeed, we are focused on providing that key by connecting communities like Seymour to 100% fiber internet designed to scale to faster speeds,” said Tom Perrone, Senior Vice President of Network Operations & General Manager of Connecticut. “As we invest in the Town of Seymour, this new future-proof network infrastructure will better support their growth as a community, bringing more opportunity for residents and businesses.”

GoNetspeed continues to ensure that more communities throughout Connecticut have access to a high-speed 100% fiber internet infrastructure. Currently, more than 30 communities across the state have access to GoNetspeed’s service, along with many communities that are well on their way to having access to GoNetspeed’s fiber internet.

With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to customer service, GoNetspeed is excited to accelerate the expansion of its fiber networks throughout nine states, including Connecticut. GoNetspeed continues to deliver more fiber, more access, more speed, and better reliability to residents and businesses throughout our footprint. With access to 100% fiber internet, customers have access to symmetrical upload and download speeds, ranging from 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps). Learn more about GoNetspeed at gonetspeed.com.

About GoNetspeed: GoNetspeed, a high-speed fiber internet provider, serving residential and business customers in Maine, Alabama, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia, formed a partnership with Oak Hill Capital (“Oak Hill”) in January 2021, allowing GoNetspeed to accelerate the expansion of its fiber network throughout the Northeastern U.S. Adding thousands of new service areas every year, GoNetspeed is one of the largest independent internet providers in the east. For more information about GoNetspeed, or to inquire about service in your residence, business or community, visit gonetspeed.com.

Media Contact:

Katherine Yochum