GoNetspeed Announces Expansion of Gigabit Fiber to the Home Network in Amherst, Massachusetts

December 5, 2022 Amherst – GoNetspeed announced today that construction of its 100 percent fiber optic network in Massachusetts will begin this winter, starting in the town of Amherst.  GoNetspeed’s fully funded $2.1 million investment into Amherst will provide residents and businesses with access to high-speed fiber optic internet service. This will be GoNetspeed’s first initial fiber network build in Massachusetts. The initial build will cover 26 miles of the town and provide fast, reliable, fiber internet services to over 3,200 homes and businesses.

Construction will begin this winter and continue over several months. Residents should visit www.gonetspeed.com to submit their information and receive priority installation when the market opens.

“We’ve been busy constructing these networks to bring gigabit fiber Internet to more communities than ever before,” GoNetspeed CEO Richard Clark commented. “Two things you can be sure of when you sign up for GoNetspeed service are that you will consistently have access to the speeds you pay for and that you will always be treated like a valued customer!”

GoNetspeed is currently investing in high-speed fiber Internet infrastructure in Alabama, Connecticut, Maine, and New York and continues to evaluate new areas in which to expand. Residents of these areas should visit https://www.gonetspeed.com to complete the form even if they’re not currently eligible for service since the company may use the data to help determine future build areas.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber Internet offers symmetrical speeds, meaning that both download and upload are equally fast.  The connectivity challenges that people experience with using video conferencing associated with telecommuting, on-line learning and telemedicine have emphasized the importance of fast upload speeds. GoNetspeed offers the fastest residential Internet speeds available, ranging from 250 Mbps to 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps). For businesses, GoNetspeed can customize speeds beyond Gigabit capability if necessary.

About GoNetspeed

GoNetspeed, a high-speed fiber Internet provider serving residential and business customers in Connecticut, Alabama, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and West Virginia, announced in January 2021 that it has formed a new partnership with Oak Hill Capital (“Oak Hill”) which will allow GoNetspeed to accelerate the expansion of its fiber network throughout the Northeastern U.S.

Adding thousands of new locations every year, GoNetspeed is one of the largest independent Internet providers in the east. For more information on the company, or to inquire about service in your residence or community, please visit www.gonetspeed.com.


Ashley Gustafson