High Tech Pet Products: The Future of Having Furry Friends

Caring for pets has come a long way, and so have the products. From Wi-Fi-connected, treat tossing cameras to dog bones that roll away on their own, here are the top, high-tech pet products on the market today.

WOPET 6L Automatic Cat Feeder ($89.99)

It might say “cat feeder” in the name, but this modern marvel will work just as well for small to medium sized dogs. Wi-Fi enabled, the WOPET allows you to remotely control the feeder with a phone app, from anywhere, and you can control things like portion size, dispensing frequency and dispensing times.

The WOPET can be operated without the app, but the app provides an extra layer of convenience — just make sure the Wi-Fi in your home is strong and reliable.

Litter-Robot 3 ($549.99)

Shaped like a tiny cement mixer, the self-cleaning Litter-Robot slowly rotates every time your cat exits — this slow rotation separates the litter from the waste and places the waste into a recessed bin. Once the waste is deposited, the Litter-Robot rotates back and redistributes the separated litter.

If an always-clean litter box wasn’t enough, the Litter-Robot also connects to Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi connection will interface with a phone app that will tell you when the waste bin is full.

Again, a strong, reliable Internet connection is essential.

Furbo Dog Camera ($167.99)[CPW1] 

The Furbo Dog Camera equipped with two-way audio (with a bark sensor) and a wide-angle HD camera. It also lets you remotely toss your pet a treat from anywhere via the phone app.

The Furbo is also Alexa-enabled, so go ahead and tell your smart device to tell your other smart device to give your dog a treat.

All wireless cameras (including the Furbo Dog Camera) require two-way communication to the cloud. That means download speeds and upload speeds must be fast, consistent and reliable to get the best quality audio and video. A symmetrical connection — which means upload speeds are always as fast as download speeds — are recommended for wireless cameras. Check out our blog on symmetrical speeds to learn more.

Wyze Cam v3 ($35.99)[CPW1] 

The Wyze Cam may not throw your dog a treat, but it can do almost everything else the Furbo can do – and for a fraction of the price. It comes with one of, if not the most lauded wireless indoor security cameras on the market, so the Wyze Cam makes a great pet camera.

With built-in two-way audio, a wide-angle HD camera, recording and playback functionality, and motion detection, the only thing the Wyze cam won’t do is spit out kibble. Wyze also makes a slightly more expensive version of their flagship camera that can remotely pan and tilt.

A symmetrical speed connection (like with the Furbo Dog Camera) is recommended.

Cheerble Wickedbone ($69.99)[CPW1] 

While this entry on the list might not take up a lot of bandwidth, you’ll need a strong connection when you upload all the videos of Fido chasing after the Wickedbone.

The Wickedbone is an app-controlled, rechargeable, self-driving, bone-shaped dog toy. A powerful motor drives the two wheels of the toy (the irregularly-shaped ends of the bone) allowing it to do all sorts of things — shake from end to end, jump off the floor, spin, flip and roll.

The Wickedbone can be programmed to be self-activated and interact with your pet, or it can be controlled via the app. You can also buy different colored ends/wheels for it. Let’s hope Fido doesn’t bury this bone.

To make sure your connected pet products work the way they should, get a high-speed fiber Internet connection from GoNetspeed. You won’t have to worry about how many devices are connected or who is using what (even Fido) thanks to GoNetspeed’s consistent, reliable, fast and symmetrical speed connections.

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