Cyber Monday: Good Morning GoNetspeed!

Holiday deals are hitting local and online shelves!

From streaming movies, to smart home devices, to automated pet feeders, so much in our home can be Wi-Fi enabled. That’s why it’s really important to have a safe, secure reliable internet connection. Whether you’re working from home or playing from home, you want an internet provider that’s going to give you the best experience.

During Good Morning GoNetspeed’s Cyber Monday edition, Ryan Hibbard and Ryan Wirth focus on a couple different gadgets and streaming services that work great with our High-Speed Fiber Internet service.* In this blog, we share more information about the items mentioned, and share other tech gadgets you may want on your holiday list!

Streaming Devices:

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick | Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon devices.

Google Chromecast with Google TV | Save $10 on Chromecast with Google TV (HD or 4K) through 11/30.

Roku | Special Black Friday deals available through December 1st.

Streaming Services:

  • If you’re looking for a great deal on streaming services like Netflix, Peacock, Disney+ and more, read this great compilation of Cyber Monday deals on ET Online.

Smart Home – Personal Assistant Devices


  • Nintendo Switch | $299.99: A gaming console you can play at home and on-the-go.
  • Meta Quest 2 | $399.99: It’s a standalone virtual reality entertainment system – no PC required. Watch movies, play games, and experience the immersive power of virtual reality.
  • Meta Quest Pro | $1499.99 (Pre-Order): Go all out and pre-order the Meta Quest Pro. This mixed reality VR system allows you to engage with the virtual world while staying present in the physical one.

Online Gaming:

  • A popular gift during the holiday season is memberships or gift cards for online gaming. Check out this list from PC Magazine that highlights the best places to rent or buy online games. For people who want more tech with their online gaming…
  • Steam Deck | Starting at $399: Play your Steam library anywhere. This portable powerhouse has models ranging from $399 to $649 depending on storage and processing speeds.

Note: Internet speeds of above 20 Mbps are usually ideal for gaming, especially multiplayer or competitive gaming. Anything lower than 20 Mbps falls into the “lag danger zone.” There’s nothing worse than lagging just when you’re about to win the game! With fiber internet, we provide the speeds you need! (View our speeds and plans.)

More Gift Ideas:

Here’s some other top tech gifts for the 2022 holiday season like projectors, automatic pet feeders, and more!

  • Samsung Freestyle Projector | $599.99: It’s a high-quality projector that rotates 180 degrees for floor-to-ceiling views (and anything in between) with a powerful built-in audio system. And because it connects to your in-home Internet, you can easily access your favorite streaming apps and voice assistants right from the projector.
  • Backbone Mobile Gaming Controller | $99 for Apple or Android: According to the Backbone website, “Just snap your phone into the Backbone One controller, launch the Backbone App, and start playing your favorite mobile, console, or PC games from anywhere, in seconds.” At just $99, this might just be the gift of the year for your favorite gamer.
  • Duex Dual Laptop Monitor | $215.99 (dual screen), $431.99 (tri-screen): Up your productivity with a dual or tri-screen for your existing laptop. Duex laptop monitors plug into your USB-C ports providing data and power and attach to the sides via magnet for a simple, sturdy set-up wherever you need it.
  • Love Box | $139.99: A cute way to share your love that combines the virtual with the tangible, the Love Box is a device to which you can send photos, notes, and drawings to a loved one. When a note arrives, the heart on the box spins to indicate a new message. Consider this gift for aging family members – just connect it to their Internet and they’re ready to receive your love notes.
  • POWERUP 4.0 RC Paper Plane | $69.99: Make a paper airplane, then control the flight through your smartphone. Tilt your phone to fly your plane – it’s that easy, and that cool!
  • Moonlite Storytime | $45.00 Starter Pack: Turn your phone into a projector with Moonlite. Moonlite uses your phone camera’s flashlight to project images from kid’s favorite stories, while a complementary app reads the story aloud. All you need is a connected smartphone and a starter pack!
  • PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Cat & Dog Feeder | $129.99: Don’t forget about your four-legged family members this holiday season! Schedule and monitor feedings from an app, including a slow feed option for your pups who eat too quickly. Save money on dog sitters and maintain peace of mind that your furry family members are fed on schedule. Plus, it’s compatible with Amazon Dash Replenishment, which can automatically reorder your pet’s food when you’re running low.

From functional to fun, these gift ideas can keep everyone on your list connected and entertained. And don’t forget to consider upgrading your Internet during the holiday season. You may want a higher speed for when your holiday guests come to visit (and bring their devices with them), or to get the most out of your own new tech!

Whether you’re making the switch to High-Speed Fiber Internet from cable or DSL, or you’re already enjoying the speed and reliability of our fiber internet, we’ll make sure you get the best performance and experience possible from our network!

*Products and services mentioned during our livestream and in this blog should not be considered endorsements or sponsorships. GoNetspeed and the hosts of the livestream do not gain any benefit, financial or otherwise, from mentioning these products. When shopping, customers should do their own additional research.