Cutting the Cord 101: How to Watch Local News Without Cable

Cutting the cord is a great way to get faster internet service without the headaches that come with traditional providers. However, there is a tradeoff. Without the cable company, which has made it a habit of bundling internet, phone and TV services, you’ll have to switch up how you consume some of entertainment you watch regularly.

One of these areas is local news. Without cable, you may worry you will no longer be able to watch the news from your area and keep updated on what’s happening in your community.

But fear not! Staying connected to events, weather, and alerts from your area is easier than ever, and there are a few ways you can do it.

Switch to Online News or Local Papers

One of the easiest ways to stay connected is to start checking out your local news station’s site by making it your homepage, adding it as a favorite on your browser or downloading their app (if they have one).

While this will keep you informed, it does require you to take a more proactive approach to consume your news, one that isn’t scheduled for you every day at a specific time. However, it’s also a bit more freeing, allowing you to take control over how and when you utilize media.

Newspapers are also a great thing to check out. Yes, newspapers. While this form of media is being phased out as digital media grows every year, newspapers are still a nice way to support local journalism and also stay current with events. It also arrives on a specific cadence every day, providing a bit of a routine.

While some may roll their eyes are signing up for paper service, this throwback method can reduce your screen time and often has more in-depth coverage than a quick news segment.

The Secret Your Cable Provider Doesn’t Want You to Know

While you may be thinking, “well, that’s good and all, but I really enjoy watching my local news on my TV,” that’s OK, too, because there are many options available, including one that no one seems to want to talk about.

OK, here it is. Are you ready?

Your local news stations are likely already free for you. Yes, you heard that right. You do not need cable (or internet if we’re being 100% honest) to watch local broadcasts.

This is because local stations still transmit their shows over the air, meaning that all you need is an antenna (and many TVs come with them built-in) to pick up your local news and even local sports.

And these aren’t those old rabbit ears from the past with signals that come and go. In fact, modern broadcasts come through in HD that, according to some, looks even better than streaming services.

So how do you set all of this up? Take a look at your TV to see if there is an antenna built in. If there isn’t, grabbing one off Amazon or at a big box store like Best Buy can provide you with access to local news coverage for life!

It can really be that simple.

Streaming Services: A One-Two Punch

If you don’t like the idea of using an antenna to watch local news and sports, there are many streaming services that will meet your needs.

Hulu + TV, YouTube TV, and others all allow you to watch local news just like you would on your TV. These services will be more pricey than turning to online news or getting your broadcasts free over the air, but they also give you access to a ton of other content like shows, movies and more that you can’t get anywhere else.

This option is best suited for those that want to cut the cord and will likely be subscribing to various streaming services anyway.

Watching Local News: Never Miss a Moment

Watching local news without cable can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! There are many solutions out there that make staying connected to what’s happening in your community not only possible but quite frankly easier.

We recommend giving some of these ideas a shot to see what works for you. For the closest experience to what you had with cable, grab yourself an antenna, you’ll be shocked at what you can get for free!