One Touch Make Ready Will Bridge Massachusetts’ Digital Divide, GoNetspeed Testifies

Boston, MA.— June 7, 2023— GoNetspeed, a leading provider of high-speed internet, today announced its support for proposed legislation in Massachusetts that would streamline the process for deploying new broadband infrastructure. The legislation, known as One Touch Make Ready (OTMR), would allow broadband providers to access utility poles and other infrastructure in a single coordinated effort.

“We believe that OTMR is a critical step in bridging the digital divide in Central and Western Massachusetts,” said Jaime Hoare, Chief Legal Counsel, GoNetspeed. “By streamlining the permitting process, OTMR will make it faster and easier for GoNetspeed and other broadband providers to deploy high-speed internet service to underserved areas. This will help to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts has access to the digital tools and resources they need to succeed in the 21st century.”

Recently, GoNetspeed executives testified before both the Massachusetts House and Senate telecommunications, utilities, and energy committees to discuss the benefits of OTMR legislation. In their testimony, they highlighted how OTMR would accelerate the deployment of broadband infrastructure in underserved areas, and how it would save businesses and consumers money.

“Unfortunately, parts of the Commonwealth lack broadband availability, and even more areas have access to just a single provider,” testified Hoare. “Our experience in other markets consistently shows that, when faced with competition, other providers lower prices and improve their service.”

A copy of Hoare’s complete testimony is available upon request. The Senate Bill (S.2133) can be viewed at and the House Bill (H.3208) can be viewed at

“We urge the Massachusetts legislature to pass OTMR legislation this session,” said Hoare. “This is a common-sense solution that will help to close the digital divide and make Massachusetts a leader in the 21st century economy.”

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