GoNetspeed Expanding Fiber-to-the-Home Internet to 18,500 locations in Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford Counties

Hartford, Conn. – September 24, 2021 – GoNetspeed, a high-speed fiber-to-the-home Internet provider, announced that it is constructing Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructure in portions of Fairfield, New Haven and Hartford Counties. In addition to GoNetspeed’s recently announced plans to deliver fiber to approximately 4,150 locations in Berlin and New Britain, the company will construct an additional 220+/- miles of fiber to serve 18,500+/- locations beginning in early 2022.
In Fairfield County, the investment in FTTH infrastructure will serve approximately 6,000+/- locations over 60+/- road miles in Bridgeport and Trumbull. In Hartford County, Bloomfield, West Hartford and Windsor will see a build of approximately 8,200+/- locations over 110+/- road miles. Service is expected to be available by early 2022 in both counties.

In New Haven County, a 50+/- mile build will serve approximately 3,600+/- locations in West Haven and 700+/- locations in the Sea Bluff area of Milford. Service in this area should be available by early to mid-2022.
Residents can visit the following links to see current service areas and plans for expansion:

Fiber Internet offers symmetrical speeds, meaning that both download and upload are equally fast. The connectivity challenges that people experience with using video conferencing associated with telecommuting, on-line learning and telemedicine have emphasized the importance of fast upload speeds. GoNetspeed offers residential speeds ranging from 150 Mbps to 1 Gbps. For businesses, GoNetspeed can customize speeds beyond Gigabit capability if necessary.

“We’re working quickly to build out the next generation of fiber communications in Connecticut and are proud to be filling this need,” said Tom Perrone, Chief Operating Officer for GoNetspeed. “I’m excited to introduce new subscribers in these communities to the unparalleled customer service and unmatched speed and performance GoNetspeed prides itself on.”

In addition to the areas in which fiber infrastructure is currently being constructed, GoNetspeed continues to evaluate new areas in which to expand. Perrone said that visitors to the site who don’t see their area on the map should tell their friends, family, and neighbors to submit their interest at www.gonetspeed.com. According to Perrone, GoNetspeed uses those submissions to help decide where to expand next.

To view additional maps of GoNetspeed serviceable areas and areas soon to be in service, visit www.gonetspeed.com and click the ‘Check Availability’ button.

About GoNetspeed

GoNetspeed, a fiber-to-the-premises operator serving residential and business customers in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, announced in January 2021 that it has formed a new partnership with Oak Hill Capital (“Oak Hill”) which will allow GoNetspeed to accelerate the expansion of its fiber network throughout the Northeastern U.S.

Since 2017, GoNetspeed has constructed infrastructure to deliver high-speed fiber internet to communities in and around Hartford, New Haven, and Fairfield counties in CT, as well as Beaver County and surrounds in PA. Going forward, GoNetspeed continues to expand its Fiber to the Home network, adding thousands of new locations every year.  For more information on the company, or to inquire about service in your residence or community, please visit www.gonetspeed.com.