How Fast Internet Can Help You Care For Aging Parents

Smart home products can make life more comfortable, more social, and safer for aging adults. With the cost of long-term care out of reach for many Americans, more families are turning to smart home devices as a way of helping their aging parents live independently longer. While some worry that older generations may struggle with newer technologies, many smart home products on the market today are easy to use – no matter your tech skills.

Check out some of these must-have products to help you care for your aging parents. And remember that a smart home device is only as reliable as its Internet connection! 

Video Doorbells

Smart video doorbells offer a layer of home security and convenience for your aging loved ones. These devices allow homeowners to see who’s at the door without having to get up. And they can even hold a conversation with whomever is on the other end from the comfort of their couch to determine if they want to open the door at all! Some of the most popular, highest reviewed smart doorbells on the market today are Google Nest Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell and Arlo Essential Wired.

Video Chatting Devices

There are several products on the market designed to simplify video calling for seniors with limited technology skills. Arguably the most user-friendly is GrandPad, touted for being “ready to go” out of the box, so you don’t have to be physically present to help your aging loved ones set it up. Other popular options include Meta Portal (formerly Facebook Portal) and Amazon’s Echo Show. The Echo Show has a unique feature called drop-in, which allows you to video call your loved one’s device without them having to do anything on their end to answer it. 

Fall Detectors

It’s important to have safety detectors for loved ones who choose to continue living independently. The Apple Watch has a built-in fall detector – and it’s great for aging parents who aren’t comfortable wearing obvious, obtrusive necklaces or bracelets. If your parent falls while wearing their watch, it will sound an increasingly loud alarm and prompt them either to dismiss the alert if they’re ok or call emergency services. If they do not respond and have not moved after 30 seconds, the Apple Watch will automatically dial 911 and send a message to their emergency contacts. 

Item Trackers

Memory issues increase with age, so it might be a good idea to place item trackers like Tile Mates or Apple AirTags in or on important, easy-to-misplace items like car keys, glasses cases or wallets. These trackers will simplify the search process by playing a sound on the tags’ built-in speakers if they’re within Bluetooth range.

Smart Home Hubs and Devices

A smart home hub like Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo makes it possible for your aging parents to complete household tasks (and maintain a higher level of independence) simply with verbal commands. This requires various smart devices throughout the house, but a well-connected smart home can greatly increase the comfort of your aging loved ones. They can “Hey Google” or ask Alexa for help adjusting the lights, room temperature, television volume and so much more. 

While some of these products only require a cellular connection, most of them rely on a wired and/or wireless connection. And whether it’s for convenience and comfort, security and safety, or time with family and friends on a video call, you don’t want your aging parents to contend with a poor Internet connection. 

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