Cutting the Cord 101: How to Watch Local News Without Cable

Are you worried about losing access to your local news without a bundled television package? Fear not! Getting your news, weather, and local events is easier than ever with High-Speed Fiber Internet. You don’t need cable to stay connected any longer!

Check out these tips on cutting the cord without compromising your connection to local programming…

The Secret Cable Providers Don’t Want You to Know

If you really enjoy the experience of watching your local news on TV, you don’t need to go through a cable company to do it.

Your local news stations are likely already free for you!

Yep, you heard that right. You don’t need cable (or Internet if we’re being totally honest) to watch your local broadcasts. All you need is an antenna to pick up your local stations. Many TVs come with a built-in antenna! So, it’s likely you’re already set up to ditch the cable and keep the local stations. These aren’t those old clunky rabbit ears with shaky signals from the past either – in fact, modern broadcasts come through in a digital signal that is high-definition and can look as good as streaming services.

It really can be that simple!

Streaming Services: A One-Two Punch

If you don’t have an antenna or want to explore other options, there are a bunch of streaming services to meet your local (and global!) needs.

Hulu + TV and YouTube TV, among others, allow you to watch local news just like you would through a cable service provider. And with the rise of smart TVs and devices like Fire TV Sticks and Google Chromecasts, these streaming services work through your existing television set without the need for a cable contract.

While streaming services aren’t free like Internet-based news or antenna broadcasts, they are often a significantly better value than a cable package. They give you access to a ton of content like exclusive shows and movies you can’t get anywhere else, and they also provide the local access you want – at a fraction of the price of a cable bundle. Plus, streaming services are easy to pause or cancel as needed, unlike those difficult-to-navigate cable contracts.

Switch to Online News or Local Papers

Consider making a local news station’s website your homepage. That way, each time you open your browser, you’ll gain immediate access to current events in your community. And if you’re often on your mobile devices throughout the day, check to see if your local paper and television stations have their own app you can download.

You no longer have to wait until 6:00 PM for the evening news broadcast! You’ll have the flexibility to control exactly when and how you access your news at your fingertips.

If you like a predictable news cycle, you can subscribe to your local newspaper. Whether you opt for a physical or digital copy, it will arrive on a daily schedule that provides a routine like watching a television broadcast. It’s also a great way to support your local journalists and keep your investments in your community. Your local papers can often provide more in-depth coverage than a quick segment on the TV news.

Watching Local News: Never Miss a Moment

Getting your local news without cable might have seemed out of reach in the past, but now you can see it doesn’t have to be! There are many affordable, user-friendly solutions out there that make it easy to stay connected to what’s happening in your community.

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