Become a GoNetspeed Brand Ambassador

Do you bring up GoNetspeed in casual conversation? Have you gotten your friends and family to switch? You might have what it takes to become a Brand Ambassador.

You’re probably already talking everyone’s ear off about GoNetspeed — a reward in itself, we know — but what about getting gift cards, social media mentions, and exclusive updates for spreading the word? It’s customers like you that make us … well … us, and we want to make it easy for you to tell everyone you know (and maybe even people you don’t know) about GoNetspeed.

Become a Brand Ambassador and start reaping some rewards — we’ll even send you a yard sign if you want one.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

Ready to get started? Here’s how.

  1. Share on Social.
    Share GoNetspeed’s posts — Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn — and tag us. We’ll track your tags as entries for exclusive giveaways. If you set your account to public, we’ll be able to see the love and shout you back!
  2. Join the Brand Ambassadors Facebook Group.
    Yep, we have a fan page on FB. It’s exclusive to Brand Ambassadors. You and our other Brand Ambassadors can brainstorm ways to get the word out while getting special updates and information only available to the group. Isn’t it awesome being a VIP?
  3. Download the Flyer.
    Make sure to print a few copies of our super informative flyer and put them up in your favorite haunts — the local coffee shop, the community center, wherever the cool kids are hanging out these days. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your perfectly placed poster, upload it to social, and then tag us. We’ll repost, for sure.

Something Worth Talking About

You wouldn’t talk us up if you didn’t think we had something worth talking about – and we do.

GoNetspeed provides blazing-fast fiber to the home which means you can surf, play, work, and learn with buffering, data caps, or expensive contracts. With great service, symmetrical speeds, a free router & installation, and three great plans to choose from, why wouldn’t you be a Brand Ambassador?

Visit us online to join the club and get started today.