15 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Your Holiday Shopping List

Ah, the holiday season – a time for twinkling lights, cozy sweaters, and the soft hum of connectivity that ties all our tech-centric dreams together. We know you’re eyeing that perfect gadget to wrap up with a bow. And here’s a little secret: these gadgets shine brightest with the right Internet connection. And that’s where we come in.

So, before you check out that shopping cart, let’s run through 15 tech treasures that will make you the holiday hero – all of which absolutely thrive with the crazy-fast speed of GoNetspeed’s fiber Internet.

  1. Moleskin Smart Notebook
    For the writers who dream of penning their thoughts on paper and seeing them seamlessly transfer to a screen, this smart notebook and pen at $279 is a stroke of genius. Get it here.
  2. SAMSUNG The Freestyle Portable Projector
    The Freestyle projector boasts an automatically adjusting 30″-100″ display, transforming any room into a cinema. This smart theater also has built-in 360-degree speakers to fill the room with high-quality sound. Find it here for $597.
  3. BIRD BUDDY Smart Bird Feeder
    The BIRD BUDDY smart bird feeder makes traditional bird watching a relic of the past! This solar-powered bird feeder uses a smart camera to take photos of visitors as they arrive and sends you a chirpy notification straight to your phone, so you never miss any action. For $299, you can grab yours here!
  4. OURA Ring Gen 3
    For $299, this ring is like a wireless coach on your finger. Track sleep patterns and heart health, and even detect illnesses before they arrive. Choose yours on the OURA website here.
  5. Ember Smart Mug
    A perfect gift for the caffeine enthusiast in your life, the Ember Smart Mug keeps drinks hot all day – because nothing says “holidays” like a warm beverage and your favorite online content streaming flawlessly! Pair the mug with the Ember app to manage the temperature, set presets, and much more. Get it here for $129.
  6. Muse EEG-Powered Meditation and Sleep Headband
    The Muse headband is a smart headband that acts as your personal meditation instructor. The onboard sensors can detect when your mind wanders and can guide you back to focus on the present moment while deep in meditation. Ohmmm indeed. Buy one on their website here, starting at $221.
  7. Belkin Face-Tracking Phone Mount
    This high-tech face-tracking phone mount from Belkin is the perfect fit into any video-maker’s toolkit! The phone holder uses its built-in camera to track your face to ensure you are always in frame. Pick out yours here for only $60!
  8. Makeblock Mbot Robot Kit
    At $80, this entry-level robot kit is a steal for sparking young imaginations! It comes with all the parts needed to assemble and program your very own robot via interactive software and learning tools. Get the kids started on their tech skills early by buying a kit here.
  9. Meural Canvas II – Smart Art Frame
    Bring masterpieces from galleries all over the world into your living space with this smart picture frame from Meural. The screen features a 1080p HD display and an anti-glare finish, giving you the perfect image in any light. Find yours here today, starting at $499.
  10. The Skylight Calendar
    For $299, manage your clan’s chaos with a touch with the Skylight Calendar. With a Wi-Fi connected 15″ HD touchscreen display, this calendar automatically synchronizes with the most popular calendar apps, allowing you to keep track of your schedule from wherever you are. Pick one up for the family here!
  11. Level Smart Lock
    This Level Lock+ Connect is one of the smallest smart locks on the market and provides you with multiple ways to gain access to your home, whether through smart home apps, a key fob, or even a standard key. Use the Level app to share access to your lock with friends and family members, allowing them access whenever you want them to have it. Grab a Level Lock for your home on their website here, starting at $349.
  12. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Bottle
    Never worry about cleaning your water bottle again with this self-cleaning insulated water bottle from LARQ. Using non-toxic, mercury-free, UV-C LED technology, the bottle can sanitize water and the inside of the bottle in 60 seconds by killing off bacteria and viruses. The insulated bottle also keeps your fluids hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24. Pick from a variety of colors here, starting at $99.
  13. LEVOIT Air Purifier
    Allergies don’t stand a chance against this $89 breath of fresh air! The LEVOIT Core 200S air purifier removes at least 99.97% of pollen, dust, and other airborne particles. Control from anywhere by using the phone app, or by using voice control on your smart home system. The Core 200S can be found here.
  14. Courant CATCH3 Wireless Charging Station
    No more fumbling around in the dark for a charger for your devices thanks to the Courant CATCH3 Wireless Charging Station. All you do is place your wireless-charging capable devices onto the CATCH3 and let it do the rest. The sleek design will fit well into any bedroom or office space, making this an excellent gift for the techie in your life! Grab yours here for $175.
  15. Click & Grow Indoor Herb Garden Kit
    The perfect gadget for blending tech into your thyme (and basil and mint), the Click & Grow indoor herb garden kit is easy to use. So easy that the energy-efficient grow lights ensure your plants get proper light to grow in any condition. Start gardening today by grabbing yours here, starting at $69.

With these gadgets, you’re all set to dazzle and delight. But why stop at gifting? Power them up with GoNetspeed’s high-speed fiber Internet – because every tech toy’s superpower is the speed at which it connects.

Just a click and you could unwrap the gift of glitch-free streaming, faster downloads, and an all-around happier network at home. Check availability in your area today.

Wishing you a holiday season as bright as fiber-optic light!